Equipment For Longevity

Maximum versatility. Compact footprint.

The fitness landscape is constantly changing. Training centers are constantly adapting to new requirements. Weight training remains an effective way for members to get back into training and achieve fitness and health goals. No matter if it is a small studio, a multi-purpose mixed area or a large training hall that accommodates hundreds of athletes – Eleiko offers solutions that get the most out of every square meter. The concept of the training stations is scalable in size. They have their origins in weight lifting and free dumbbell training. The stations offer space-saving, versatile training options that can be adapted to any environment. Be inspired by one of our concepts below or contact our team of experts to design your own individual training area at CrossFitLondon.

Make the most of every square meter with a training area that is designed for versatility, efficiency and user-friendliness. Our training stations can be adapted to any requirement, size and use. We can help you turn your vision into reality. To get started, here are a few important considerations:

What kind of training should your facility support? Weightlifting, powerlifting or a hybrid of both?
What kind of space do you equip: indoor or outdoor?
Find out how many square meters you have available. Our solutions are scalable in size and are therefore suitable for both small and large studios. They are specially designed to get the maximum potential out of your available space.
Is your facility designed for private or public training? There are differences in terms of safety regulations, hygiene measures and scheduling.
Analyze the typical users of your training area. Do you want to do justice to many users, or do you adapt your system to a single user with individual needs?

Our team is there for you, every single step. From the concept to 3D renderings to the installation – we can help you create an individual concept for your weight training facility you can even check out Google’s sports app.

Training stations

Equip stations that support weightlifting, powerlifting, or a hybrid of both. Mix these up for maximum versatility.

Inner peace
Stations for individual users create spaces. The members have their own environment and fixed equipment for each session.

Easy scheduling
The stations simplify the booking process. In this way, schedules for use and cleaning can be adhered to.

Flexible programs
From personal training to open gym – this concept adapts entirely to your needs.

Components: CF4 50 racks and double half racks

Starting with the XF 80 rack, the stations are adaptable and versatile. With accessories such as the CF4 Fitness Attachments, the stations can be equipped for functional training, hybrid training, weightlifting or powerlifting. There are also accompanying products such as barbells, plates, dumbbells and kettlebells which we can show you how to use at Crossit London