Longevity is something every person on God’s planet should want to know at least a little about, there are multiple theories related to longevity, some say autophagy can help with this, others quote fasting, there are multiple other complex and involved theories but the one pure and simple one is to exercise in a way which will not harm your body but instead credit its daily usage. By linking up with the right people sky is the limit and hopefully, some of our partners can assist you.

George Orwell

Fitness Coach at CrossFit London,

Perhaps you work in the city of London or close to our gym and never even consider doing some fitness training, you could reconsider your thoughts and try CrossFit training at RedSun CrossFit, they train beginners and advanced people and what they do works.

Sarah Binfield is the place to start doing some internet exercises with one of our board members or with one of our partners, either way, it will be worth your while.

Sean O Maley is the place to go to if you like skipping and and if you would like to do many different types of skipping exercises.

Karen Betworth are to help people learn on video and see what they did not understand whilst in a less, videos help people learn at their own pace, but they are no substitute for real training.

Stan Hope is for Youtubers who love training whilst watching a video youtube, we have many different videos on Youtube and use it as a way to assist our students master the exercises we teach them at the gym in their own time.

Stuart Fielding is about personal coaching and for people who like one to one training, they have many years of experience teaching people who find it hard to learn, they have super coaches and are well worth visiting.

Zell Robinson weight training experts can help get you started with weight training and by starting in a way which can be problem free for your joints which is something many beginners face.

Timothy Gates is people who are very serious about weight training, the school works at both the physical side of things as well as the theory involved in mastering weight training.

Wayne Shields footballers are known for their stamina, as well as their endurance none less as good as they care they too can benefit from training with CrossFit London.

Craig Gibson work on Pilates and they show you how Pilates can work for you if you do CrossFit and it shows who it can help to give you a good posture and help with your stretching and suppleness.

Updated: on Tuesday 07/12/2021 at 11:15 pm